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Deaf Culture and ASL Resource List

ASL-on-line instruction sites

The purpose of this site is to provide support for hearing parents who have deaf children and want to use American Sign Language (ASL) as the means of communication. We believe that ASL is the key to deaf children developing language skills and creating literacy in English”. Laurent Clerc Nation Deaf Education Center


On line basic ASL class- no fee

ASL Access is the world’s only organization specifically created to promote public access to a sign language. We bring you what you want – American Sign Language.

ASLAccess is a nonprofit organization of volunteers that provides ASL video resources to libraries across the United States. … Provides links to many other sites

Fingerspelling Alphabet (ASL): Interactive Fingerspelling Resources

Welcome to Michigan State University’s ASL Browser web site, an online American Sign Language (ASL) browser where you can look up video of thousands of ASL signs and learn interesting things about them. http://asl.ms/ A good interactive site to learn fingerspelling. The site provides four speeds: slow, med, fast, and Deaf speed!

Another interactive fingerspelling practice site, which provides letter combination patterns for easier learning.

Classifiers an integral part of ASL: descriptions and uses.

Handspeak® is a sign-language website, consisting of American Sign Language (ASL) online dictionary, ASL grammar, manual alphabet (fingerspelling) + numeral, and others: Baby Talk, International Sign Language, gesture, ASL story telling and art.

Find idioms and links to YouTube videos demonstrating asl idioms

Literacy and Family support

Deaf Linx is your resource for information on deafness, deaf culture, American Sign Langauge (ASL) and all other related topics.

Hands & Voices is a nation-wide non-profit organization supporting families and their children who are deaf or hard of hearing.

Despite the commonly acknowledged difficulty deaf children have in learning English, there is no shortage of resources for helping them to learn.

Resources at the Clerc Center

One of the primary causes of difficulty with English literacy is that English is a language that deaf people have not heard or have heard only in a limited way. Thus, for them, American Sign Language (ASL) or another form of manual communication is the most accessible language because of its visual properties.

AFDC is a 501(C)3 non-profit organization whose ultimate goal is to see every deaf and hard of hearing child enjoy success in life through empowering families with resources, services and support.

Guide for parents who have Deaf children in a public schools


Great interactive sites for kids and adults-focus on literacy provides many links to other sites

Options in Deaf Education—History, Methodologies, and Strategies for Surviving the System By: Cheryl Zapien July 15, 1998

Lists Schools for the Deaf in the U.S.

Deaf Education Options Guide

This project began in 1999 at Yale University when a team of four people, two deaf, and two hearing, came together to translate Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night into ASL. Other Deaf performers later joined this core team

Deaf Publications

Deaf Publications and Information: offers several links to other publications

Deaf Connections

Newsletters, Publications, & Entertainment for Deaf and Hard of Hearing

Anywhere, to Anyone: Domestic Violence in the Deaf Community

http://www.alda.org/ Association of Late Deafened Adults

Current Deaf Titles

Adult Fiction

  1. “Talk, talk” by Boyle, T. Coraghessan (2006) FIC BOY
  2. “United States of ASL poetry and other tales” by Peter Cook (voice interpreted)DVD (2007) VIDEO 362 COO
  3. “From a gator ride to the dentist office” by Peter Cook (voice interpreted) DVD (2007) VIDEO 362 COO

Adult Non-fiction

  1. “Alone in the mainstream : a deaf woman remembers public school” by Oliva, Gina A. (2004) 371.91 OLI
  2. “Inside Deaf Culture” by Humphries, Tom and Carol Padden (2005) 305.9 PAD
  3. “The joy of signing” by Riekehof, Lottie (1987) 419 RIE
  4. “A resource guide for people who are deaf or hard of hearing” (2007) REF 362.4 RES
  5. “Try your hand at this : easy ways to incorporate sign language into your programs” by MacMillan, Kathy (2006) 027.633 MAC
  6. “American Sign Language Dictionary” by Sternberg, Martin A. (1987) 419 STE
  7. “Random House Webster’s American Sign Language Dictionary” (1998) REF 419.03 COS
  8. “Signing Illustrated : The complete learning guide” (2004) 419 FLO
  9. “The American Sign Language Handshape Dictionary DVD” by Tennant, Richard A. (2007) VIDEO 419 TEN
  10. “Through Deaf Eyes” PBS DVD (2007) VIDEO 305.9 THR
  11. “Everyone here spoke sign language” by Groce, Nora Ellen (1985) 362.4 GRO
  12. “If you could hear what I see” by Kathy Buckley (2001) B BUC
  13. “Choices in Deafness : A parents’ guide to communication options” (2007) PAR 362.4 CHO (Includes CD)
  14. “A parent guidebook : ASL and early literacy (2004) PAR 419.7 PAR
  15. “Cochlear implants : covering the basics” by Bravin, Philip (2000) VIDEO 617.89 BRA (VHS)
  16. Nim Chimpsky : the chimp who would be human by Hess, Elizabeth (2008) 636.988 HES
  17. Hearing Loss Herald, ALDA Maine (Quarterly periodical)
  18. “Baby signs : how to talk to your baby before your baby can talk” by Acredolo, Linda P. (2002) PAR 649.122 ACR
  19. “A parent guidebook : ASL and early literacy” (2004) PAR 419.7 PAR
  20. “Baby signing 1,2,3 : the easy to use illustrated guide for every stage and every age” by Cadjan, Nancy (2007) PAR 419 CAD

Juvenile Fiction

  1. “The deaf musicians” by Jacobs, Paul Dubois, and Pete Seeger (2006) JUV E-P SEE
  2. “The Garden Wall” by Tildes, Phyllis Limbacher (2006) JUV E-P TIL
  3. “Dad and me in the morning” by Lakin, Patricia (1994) JUV E-P LAK
  4. “Moses goes to school” by Millman, Isaac (2006) JUV E-P MIL
  5. “Deaf child crossing” by Matlin, Marlee (2002) JUV F MAT #1
  6. “Nobody’s perfect” by Matlin, Marlee (2006) JUV F MAT #2
  7. “Feathers” by Woodson, Jacqueline (2007) JUV F WOO
  8. American Sign Language Christmas stories : (1986) JUV VIDEO F CHR (VHS)
  9. American Sign Language fairy tales I (1986) VIDEO 398.2 FAI V.1 (VHS)
  10. American Sign Language fairy tales II (1986) JUV VIDEO 398.2 FAI V.2 (VHS)
  11. “Hurt go happy” by Rorby, Ginny (2006) YA F ROR
  12. The snowy day and other Caldecott classics (1996) JUV VIDEO F SNO
  13. “Kami and the Yaks” by Stryer, Andrea Stenn (2007) JUV E-P STR
  14. Stories about growing up and other Caldecott classics JUV VIDEO F STO (DVD)
  15. Five Lionni classics (2003) JUV VIDEO F LIO (DVD)
  16. The snowy day and other Caldecott classics (1996) JUV VIDEO F SNO (DVD)
  17. Slightly scary Halloween stories (2001) JUV VIDEO F SLI (DVD)
  18. Tomie de Paola library (1997) JUV VIDEO F DEP (DVD)
  19. Winter holiday stories (2001) JUV VIDEO F WIN (DVD)
  20. 50th anniversary DVD collection (2003) JUV VIDEO F FIF
  21. “Tree wise” by Abbamonte, Antoinette (2007) JUV E-P ABB
  22. “Little beauty” by Browne, Anthony (2008) JUV E-P BRO
  23. “ASL tales : the princess and the pea” by Rodriguez, Alicita (2008) JUV B/V 398.2 ROD (Book & DVD)
  24. “ASL tales : Rapunzel” by Hood, Judy (2008) JUV B/V 398.2 HOO (Book & DVD)

Juvenile Non-fiction

  1. “The handmade alphabet” by Rankin, Laura (1991) JUV 419 RAN
  2. “The handmade counting book” by Rankin, Laura (1998) JUV E-P RAN
  3. “Hearing loss” by Baldwin, Carol (2003) JUV 617.8 BAL
  4. “Deafness” by Royston, Angela (2005) JUV E 617.8 BAL
  5. “Baby signs for bedtime” by Acredolo, Linda P. (2003) JUV B-B 419 ACR
  6. “Food signs” JUV B-B 419 FOO
  7. “Home” – Talking Hands Series (1998) JUV B-B HOM
  8. “Let’s sign! : a baby’s guide to communicating with grownups” by Ault, Kelly (2005) JUV E-P 419 AUL
  9. “My baby signs book : mealtime” by Acredolo, Linda P. (2002) JUV B-B 419 ACR
  10. “My first baby signs” by Acredolo, Linda P. (2002) JUV B-B 419 ACR
  11. “Sign language for kids : a fun & easy guide to American Sign Language” by Heller, Lora (2004) JUV 419 HEL
  12. ” Simple signs” by Wheeler, Cindy (1995) JUV E-P 419 WHE
  13. “The story of Nim : the chimp who learned language” by Michel, Anna (1980) JUV 599.884 MIC
  14. “Talking Hands” (2002) JUV VIDEO TAL (DVD)
  15. “Deaf Culture : A to Z” by Kelly, Walter Paul (2003) JUV 362.42 KEL
  16. “Signing for kids” by Flodin, Mickey (1991) JUV 419 FLO
  17. “My first book of sign language” illus. by Joan Holub (2004) JUV E-P 419 HOL
  18. “My baby signs favorites” (2005) JUV VIDEO 419 MYB (VHS)

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