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From the Director: A different kind of book club.

Not everyone feels comfortable with the traditional book club model where club members choose which books they will read over the course of a year, then get together on a regular basis to discuss them. It means several people will need to buy, borrow, or download the titles. And what if you really don’t like this month’s selection? What if you’ve read a tremendous book and want to discuss it, or recommend it? What if you just like to talk about books and reading in general?

The Library is sponsoring a literary discussion group this month. On Thursday, October 21, we’ll be meeting at Baker’s Market Cafe (on Main Street).   Stop by for chowder and hot popovers between 5:30 and 6:15 p.m.  The book discussion starts at 6:30.

We can decide on the ground rules as a group – but here’s what I had in mind: we talk about books, naturally, but also movies based on books;  we talk about the state of the publishing industry and the fate of the paper book; we read passages from things we are reading, or just things that have moved us; we can talk about audio books, ebooks, and other electronic media that is changing the way we interface with our literature; we can have author readings and book signings.  And we have fun!  Please sign up at the Library.

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