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Memoir Writing Workshop with Elizabeth Cooke

Our lives can be seen as a series of stories, either chronological or around one topic, or whatever we can devise: we can focus on the single day when life changed, the decade when our experience led us to a life focus, our lives with our families. There are no limits to the shape or subject of a memoir. The goal is to enjoy the exploration of memory and discover what we find, and we always find something.

Elizabeth Cooke will offer a writing workshop at the Wilton Free Public Library, titled “Writing Our Stories,” with a focus on writing “the scene.” Participants will practice writing dialogue, using sensory details and narrative lines, along with exercises in point of view and time shifts. New and experienced writers are welcome!

The workshop will be held Saturday, November 15, from 10a.m. to 2:30 p.m. at the Wilton Free Public Library. The workshop is limited to 8 participants. To pre-register or request more information, call Lynne at 645-4831.

Elizabeth Cooke taught English and writing for 36 years; she learned to become a writer by teaching her students, of all ages and types, to write. She has published two novels; Complicity and Zeena, and a work of non-fiction called Tong Ting Finds a Family, the story of her adoption of a two year old from China well after her first children were born. Now that she is retired she is undertaking a writing project, a memoir, about her years in the classroom and the moments from own life, and how each affected and shaped the other.

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