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Cristina L.R. Navarro Exhibit through Feb. 14th

24EE51D2-D455-4FFF-96BF-4048BC2D5E90Cristina L. R. Navarro, a Mt. Blue junior from Farmington, is currently displaying her work at the Wilton Free Public Library. She is a student of Mr. Roger Bisaillon, Art Department coordinator for RSD #9. Her work includes figure drawing, oil/pastels, watercolors, and a paper mache mask with mixed media construction. jarCristina’s figure drawing is taken from all the people she drew from her 2D/3D class and she included themes of respect, battle with self and accomplishment in this work. She drew inspiration from her Puerto Rican heritage when she created her paper mache mask and all of her pieces reflect her ongoing journey with color. Cristina’s work is vibrant and exciting and not to be missed!Beetle_curl

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