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April 14, 2008 - The Handicapped Access and Mezzanine projects are close to completion. By the end of April, the elevator will be installed and all the interior work will be completed. The exterior work, roofing, landscaping, and paving should be finished in May or June, depending on the weather.

We have added a 15' addition to the back of the Library and a new entrance on the North side of the building. The front entrance will still be used by most people, we think. There will be a new after-hours bookdrop built into the new entranceway. A small handicapped parking area will be made just across the bridge.

The addition houses a large handicapped-accessible bathroom, a staff and multipurpose room, storage areas, and stairways to all levels. The elevator will have four stops (the basement area and children's room, the new entrance level, the existing first floor level, and the mezzanine level.) You will notice that the woodwork throughout the new addition matches the existing woodwork. Wherever possible, we have made the addition match the existing structure.

The Mezzanine floor, as you can see in the photo, is built above the current fiction shelving area. It will house the collections and computer workstations for young adults. There will also be tables for meetings and study on the Mezzanine, which adds about 25% to our current stack and reading areas.

The basement floor has been reconfigured somewhat. There is a new fire escape exit on the south side of the building and the stairs to the Children's Room are now in the new addition (behind the fiction shelves). The Children's Room is getting new carpet, paint, and will be reconfigured to allow wheelchair access around tables and stacks.
We have a plan to reconfigure the main reading rooms, as well. Expect there to be a more open feeling, with more seating for casual reading and study. The large-print collection will be on more easily-accessible shelves. There will be a new room for the genealogy collection with its own reading area. The Director's desk will be out in the main reading room, close to the reference collection and more available to assist patrons.

There will be an open house and tours of the building during the Blueberry Festival to celebrate the completion of the project and to thank those who have made contributions of money and other support along the way. Please watch the paper and festival brochures for details on the celebration.

During construction of the Library in 1916.


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